Organizational Restructuring and Recalibration of HR Policies and Procedures

Organizational Restructuring and Recalibration of HR Policies and Procedures



A GCC government entity had recently developed its strategy and complimented it with a rigorous implementation roadmap with multiple initiatives. Some of these initiatives revolved around the organization structure and HR function. Based on the new strategy, the organization had to be restructured to realign its capabilities with the new direction. It also lacked an up to date HR manual that is aligned with the respective regulation imposed by the center of government. Addressing these two matters was an essential cornerstone in kick-starting the overall transformation and enable the strategy execution.


The Ask

Pace Consulting was requested to provide its professional support to the government entity in implementing these two initiatives which included:

The Ask

What We Did

Organizational Design package

After conducting a quick preliminary assessment, we realized the following:

  • A complete and up to date Operating Model does not exist within the entity. Without it, there is no clear basis for the organizational structure.
  • A high-level organizational structure has been implemented by the entity without full alignment with the strategic objectives.

To overcome these challenges, we changed our focus from designing the Organizational Structure to developing the Operating Model for the entity, which was necessary to provide the right value to the client. Accordingly, the following was performed in sequence:

  • Build a high-level operating model to be used as a basis for the development of the organizational structure.
  • Analyze the proposed high-level organizational structure and develop decision points to tackle the gaps found in it.
  • Propose a new n-3 organizational structure and develop related functional statements.

Upon obtaining the required endorsement of the Organizational Structure, we started developing the remaining organizational design requirements that were needed as per the government regulatory requirements which include:

What we did

HR Policies & Procedures

Our team followed a four-step approach to develop the end to end human resources (HR) policies and procedures:



The complete Organizational Design package, as well as HR policies & procedures, were compiled fully and approved by the responsible external authority. Thus, allowing the client to proceed with its transformation efforts without bottlenecks.

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