National Priorities

National Priorities

Under the increased pressure of economic uncertainty and changing demographics, we continue to collaborate with governments to achieve national priorities.


We aspire to advance the region by utilizing our expertise and capabilities to support governments in the delivery of nation-wide priorities, strategies and transformations. Governments in the GCC region are uniquely positioned as the main drivers of economic and social development. As such, they have been and will continue to be a core focus area for Pace Consulting.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We help clients in the government sector align and execute national initiatives by providing the following services:


  • National Strategies Development and Formulation
  • Transformation Agenda Design and Management
  • National Initiatives Portfolio Management and Implementation
  • Cross-government Planning and Execution
  • National Initiatives Execution and Accelerated Delivery
  • Policy Development and Socio-economic Impact Analysis



Providing Strategic Support for the Center of Government

Developing a Unified Government-Wide Salary Scale and Grading System

Developing a Unified Government-Wide Salary Scale and Grading System

Foreign investment

Assessing the Country’s Visa Regime to Attract More Foreign Investments

Other Capabilities

Transforming Operations!
We support organizations in solving their challenges to improve their efficiency.