About Us


On a journey towards better business.

Our consultants deliver breakthrough value by helping clients develop strategies and operating models based on their business requirements. Our people know how to anticipate, collaborate, innovate and create value for our clients.

About Pace

Pace Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm that was established in the UAE in 2014. We focus on serving the gulf region by providing a range of professional services across various industries to both the public and private sectors. As such, we are not constrained by a specific offering but rather adapt to our clients' unique requirements and needs.

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Our Principles

The firm has developed its capabilities over the years, driven by two core principles


Our passion for the advancement of our region



Our commitment to deriving value through our proven strategy-to-execution framework

Our Culture

Our culture has been shaped by several qualities that differentiate us from others

Quick to respond and efficient in what we do.
Able to shift gears nimbly based on changing circumstances.
We keep it simple! We strive to achieve results in the most efficient manner.
We always think from the clients’ perspective. Their success is our success.


Since our inception, and with our experienced team, we were able to achieve double digit year over year growth. We continue to expand our presence in the region to support our clients, with plans to open new offices in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the GCC.