Strengthening Execution Capabilities at a Large Holding Group

Support in Building and Executing a Performance Management Framework



A GCC government entity was aiming to strengthen its strategic reporting on KPIs and achievements to the center of government. An audit report provided by an independent entity indicated the issues and gaps in the current performance management framework and capabilities in this entity which needed immediate attention.


The Ask

Pace Consulting was requested to provide support to the strategy team in handling the performance management process and KPIs reporting within the entity. The objective was to quickly pinpoint sources of gaps and issues and resolve them, and provide necessary support to ensure a smooth reporting cycle with the center of government, and finally transferring knowledge and skills to the strategy management team.


What We Did

We supported the strategy team in different areas that tackled the gaps holistically covering:

What we did


The outcome of this exercise was a complete performance management toolkit that is utilized by the strategy management team for tracking and reporting on KPIs performance, which enabled this government entity to address current gaps and in reporting to the center of government and improve its performance overall.

Other Impact Examples

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