Setting the Strategic and Operational Constituents for Achieving Excellence

Setting the Strategic and Operational Components for Achieving Excellence



A GCC government entity that is responsible for supporting and enabling the SMEs and building an eco-system that helps them flourish was facing several challenges in delivering its mandate.

What we did

The Ask

Pace Consulting was requested to support in addressing the current challenges and provide the government entity with the necessary tools to deliver on its mandate. Due to the strategic nature of these challenges, we were asked to provide the following in particular:

  • Complete Strategy update
  • Operating Model alignment
  • Organization restructuring
  • Implementation roadmap

What We Did

To tackle this in the most efficient manner, we defined a four-step approach to analyze and assess the current situation and to develop a design for the desired future state.



During the first two steps, our team conducted a current state assessment by:

  • Understanding the entity mandate, current strategy and operating model, current organization structure, existing services and its processes, governance framework and others.
  • Conducting benchmarks with leading countries.
  • Conducting one-to-one interviews with employees to gain a better understanding of the current situation.
  • Performing diagnostics and gap analysis based on benchmark results against predefined institutional assessment components and providing recommendations.

Once the Current State Assessment report was completed, the team worked on the final two steps to develop the Future State Design Report, by:

  • Refreshing the entity strategy and operating model in alignment with overarching strategies and according to the outcomes of the current state assessment.
  • Developing the entities’ new organization structure, functional statements for all organizational units, and new governance framework.
  • Performing work-load analysis and recommending optimal number of FTEs.
  • Developing future-state services and processes covering core and enabling functions, its targeted customers and their defined channels.
  • Identifying and providing detailed list of strategic KPIs and departmental KPIs for all organizational units.
  • Developing a roadmap with full list of initiatives that would contribute to achieving the strategic objectives and long-term vision.


We completed the engagement by handing over a number of components and tools to the client that would enable them to deliver on their mandate and transform the organization:

  • Current state assessment report highlighting key findings and areas of improvements on strategy, operating model, services and processes, organizational chart, and others with the suggested recommendations.
  • Future state report including the refreshed strategy, operating model, organizational structure, future-state services and processes, list of initiatives, implementation roadmap of the initiatives.

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