Support in Government Excellence Award Preparation and Submission

Establishing a Public Sector Academy with Blended Learning for Government Employees



A GCC government entity wanted to establish an academy that focuses on developing the capabilities and expertise of government employees in multiple disciplines. It was intended to provide learning and development programs in different specialties: Education, Leadership, and Skills Development catering to various employee grades.


The Ask

Pace Consulting was requested to provide professional support in establishing this government academy covering various inter-related tracks. The role entailed working as a central team that is responsible for planning, delivering and orchestrating all efforts in order to launch the academy successfully.


What We Did

Our team leveraged our proven methodology in establishing organizations, and applied it on seven inter-related tracks to develop and setup the academy from the legal and strategy development to ensuring all operational areas are implemented:



The Academy was successfully established and opened its doors in 2018 providing its services to government employees.

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