Planning for a Flagship Development program and Redesigning the Government Budgeting Cycle

Establishing a Media Government Entity



As part of a major economic transformation program, a government body in the GCC was exploring different ways to enhance internal and external government communication in addition to maintaining and improving the image of the country on the international scene. As such, a decision was made to establish a new Media Government entity to achieve these objectives.


The Ask

Pace Consulting was approached to establish a Media Government entity, with the objective of meeting the expectations of the leadership in terms of centralizing the governmental communication and aligning the messaging across different government entities.


What We Did

The engagement consisted of developing the strategy and operating model based on the mandate of the entity in addition to the governance structure as well as different policies and procedures and process mapping for all core and supporting departments.

  • Engaging with the leadership in order to develop a thorough understanding of the strategic directions
  • Conducting an exhaustive benchmark analysis in order to identify the best practices within similar entities in the industry

Over a period of 3 months we have delivered:

  • The high-level strategy and operating model: different core elements and enablers
  • The organizational structure: based on the defined operating model and taking into account workload analysis in addition to the job descriptions of all functions and a deployment plan 
  • The governance structure and Delegation of Authority
  • The entity budget: identified the different components in terms in Payroll, Opex and Capex
  • Policies & procedure: for all divisions and department of the entity based on the functional statements
  • Business processes for all functions

 The main components of the operating model:

Establishing a Media Government Entity


The entity was successfully launched and has been fully operational since then. It has matured to become the official reference for government internal and external news over multiple channels

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