Delivering a Nation-Wide Telecommunication and Information Technology Transformational Program

Delivering a Nation-Wide Telecommunication and Information Technology Transformational Program



A government body in the GCC, affiliated with the telecommunication and information technology sector, was in the midst of a digital transformation journey at the national level with a portfolio of over 20 strategic projects. Many of these projects are sensitive and have direct impact on the quality of life in the country and the level of service offered to the public.


The Ask

The government entity was looking for professional support in the management and orchestration of efforts required for the implementation of this portfolio of strategic national projects. Pace Consulting (as part of a large consortium) was requested to work on the setup and operation of an office to manage the portfolio including planning of over 20 strategic projects and orchestrating their delivery.


What We Did

As part of the consortium, our consultants worked closely with the government entity to setup an enterprise portfolio management office covering governance, structure, people, process, technology, budget and stakeholders management. To ensure successful execution of the portfolio, We supported the client in mobilizing various delivery teams, developed structured delivery plans and provided day-to-day oversight and implementation supervision to all transformation programs and portfolios.

What we did


Using the developed model, we made significant adjustments to realign the strategic projects with the leadership’s vision and priorities. Furthermore, with the support of the portfolio management office, the entity had successfully published the new national digital strategy and launched various strategic projects in telecommunications and networks. The successful delivery of these strategic projects has been a significant contributor to the advancement of the country’s rank in the telecommunication and E-government index.

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