Cascading Strategies

Many organizations fail to deliver upon their ambitions and aspirations due to the disconnect between the strategy and the organizational units. Over the years, Pace Consulting has helped many organizations to cascade their strategy to the lowest organizational level through developing operational plans to support in implementing the overall strategy.


Why Do We Believe Operational Plan Can Help Your Organization In Execution The Strategy?

Align Objectives
Align objectives
​Define the objectives of each organizational unit and link them to the strategic objectives of the organization as a whole


Ensure accountability
Clarify initiatives

Clarify the ongoing activities and one-off projects to be performed by the organizational units, and the roadmap to get there

Measure Success
Measure success
​Define quantitative indicators (KPIs) to measure performance
Ensure accountability
Ensure accountability
​Provide a clearly articulated document that can be committed to, and one that ensures accountability

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